Agriculturalist calls for farming innovations for purpose of diversifying the economy

An agricultural Extension expert, Dr. Ubong Asa has advocated for improved agricultural communication on aspects such as farming innovations, production techniques as well as opportunities for credit facilities, amongst famers in the country for the purpose of diversifying the nation’s economy.

Asa who stated this in a chat with Planet News in Uyo said although there were many policies on agricultural extension, lack of implementation has made them useless, thereby leaving farmers especially those at rural areas in the dark.

Our correspondent Jane Uwa reports that the ‘agric extensionist’ suggested utilization of new media in propagation of information on agriculture in rural communities, noting that encouraging large scale agricultural production at the rural level would help improve the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

While calling for collaborative effort in improving agricultural extension across the country, Dr. Asa added that exchange of information is vital for farmers to always be abreast with the latest trends in agricultural production.

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