Angela Merkel urges Britain to make clear its desires in Brexit talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that Britain had still not expressed a clear position on its post-Brexit relations with the EU, warning that only “six to eight weeks” remained to reach an agreement.

According to Merkel in a business conference in Berlin, success in the upcoming negotiations depended “largely on what it is Britain really wants, and on this the discussion has still not been entirely clear”,. Merkel reiterated the stance of the remaining 27 EU members on upholding all principles of belonging to a single market.

ELSEWHERE – US President Donald Trump has attacked the Iranian leadership, accusing it of sowing “chaos, death and destruction” across the Middle East.

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York, he defended his decision to abandon the nuclear deal, and also boasted that his administration had accomplished “more than almost any” other in US history.

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