European Union meets to discuss spreading of refugees across member states

The European Union will hold a meeting on spreading the burden of the refugee crisis across the bloc, a day after Germany admitted it could no longer cope with a record influx of refugees and reintroduced border controls.

The German decision was announced yesterday, ahead of today’s emergency talks in Brussels, where interior ministers are expected to debate the European Commission’s plan to distribute 160,000 refugees around the continent.

Within hours of Germany’s announcement on Sunday, German officers began carrying out the first passport checks near the border with Austria.

Despite an outpouring of public sympathy for the plight of the refugees, many of whom are from Syria, several Eastern European countries have already warned they will oppose any binding quotas on absorbing asylum seekers.

As the EU struggles to respond to the biggest movement of people since World War II, Germany’s reinstatement of border checks marked a U-turn on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s earlier decision to throw open the country’s doors to Syrian refugees.

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