Family members urge to support those affected by Diabetes

The need for family members to be incorporated in the diagnosis, management and treatment of Diabetes, has been reiterated as well as the need to give support and encouragement to those affected.

An endocrinologist, Doctor Blessing Ubani who gave this advice when she spoke with planet news said Diabetes which is a complete or total lack of insulin in the body, has modifiable risk factors, including being overweight and hypertension while the non-modifiable risk factors include age and family history.

According to her, symptoms of the disease include excessive urination, excessive drinking of water and excessive eating, numbness of the hand and feet, eye problems and no healing wounds amongst others, stressing that the family is very important in the management of the disease hence the theme.

While stating that the treatment of diabetes depends on the type of the disease, our correspondent Jane Uwa reports that Doctor Ubani further called on people to avail themselves to screen for the disease, as early diagnosis and treatment are key to preventing the complications of diabetes and achieve healthy outcomes.

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