Floods render scores homeless in Japan

Widespread flooding and landslides in north-east Japan have forced more than 90,000 people to abandon their homes, while many others have been reported missing.

The chief forecaster at the Japan Meteorological Agency, Takuya Deshimaru, said the level of downpour has not been experienced before, stating that the hardest-hit areas are Ibaraki and Tochigi regions.

The city of Joso, north of the capital, Tokyo, was hit by a wall of water after the Kinugawa River burst its banks.

The rains come a day after Typhoon Etau brought winds of up to 125 kilo meters per hour to central Aichi prefecture.

In the meantime, many other areas of eastern and north-eastern Japan have also been issued weather warnings, including the Fukushima region, home to the still-damaged nuclear plant hit in 2011’s earthquake and tsunami.

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