Ghana suspends seven High Court judges over corruption charges

No less than seven out of 12 High Court judges have been suspended by the Ghanaian government over charges of bribery, stemming from a documentary made by an investigative journalist.

The suspension follows a string of public complaints after the judges allegedly accepted bribe money through arbitrators.

Meanwhile the Judicial Council in a statement has defended the action, saying the suspension follow the establishment of a clear-cut case of stated misbehavior.

The Council had previously suspended 22 junior judges who appeared in the video and investigated the conduct of high court judges to see if there was a case for their impeachment.

However, some of the judges have denied the allegations and has filed a challenge in court, saying their suspension had no legal basis because documents relating to the video that were submitted by the journalist were not made available to them.

ELSEWHERE; Fifteen soldiers from the Arab coalition and its allies in Yemen have been killed in attacks on several targets in Aden.

Four of the dead were United Arab Emirates and one was Saudi Arabia.

A government spokesperson and residents say the attack is the biggest on the government since it retook the city from its Houthi rebels in July.

Reports say all government ministers and the prime minister were safe and unhurt, and the Cabinet will hold an emergency meeting on the attack.

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