Government tasked to infuse entrepreneurial education in school curriculum

The need for government to infuse entrepreneurial education in all levels of education in the country in order to stimulate the economy has been advocated.

Speaking on Community Views, a news and current affairs audience participatory programme on PLANET RADIO, an economist, Sunny Ayang, maintained that, doing this would encourage the growth of small and medium scale businesses as it would equip the recipients with creative skills that would enable them perform well as entrepreneurs.

On the alarming rate of poverty in the country, Ayang, who is a former Commissioner for Economic Development in the state, said the country could now assume a middle-income economy, adding that the situation has been worsened by what he called disproportionate distribution of wealth in the country.

Ayang advised economic policy makers in the country to ensure there is effort to implement the various programmes initiated for economic growth such as the Ease of Doing Business policy, amongst others, if the country must make headway.

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