Group calls for referrals of high-profile corruption cases to International Criminal Court

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project -SERAP has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to adopt a revolutionary approach to his government’s fight against corruption by referring high-level official corruption cases to the International Criminal Court for investigation and possible prosecution.

The organization said government should consider drawing from the expertise, experience, and international best practices of the court to complement the mandates and powers of Nigeria’s anti-corruption agencies and judiciary to successfully and satisfactorily investigate, prosecute and hear high-profile corruption cases.

In a statement signed by SERAP deputy director, Timothy Adewale, the organization said that, the latest setbacks in the prosecution of high-profile corruption cases show the need for effective enforcement measures to expose and punish grand corruption in the country.

According to the organization, referral to the ICC should be considered as a stop-gap measure, and as part of an all-embracing strategy that would inevitably require a fundamental reform of the criminal justice system and the strengthening and empowerment of the country’s anticorruption agencies.

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