LASEPA seal Kanu Nwankwo’s hotel

A hotel owned by former Super Eagles captain, Kanu Nwankwo, the Hardley Apartments, on Victoria Island has been sealed by the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency over alleged air and noise pollution. The Hotel was among other hotels, churches and mosques sealed by the agency on Monday, August 4th, 2015.

Kanu’s hotel was sealed because of the location of the exhaust pipes of the generators powering the building which was facing the road. After testing of the generators on the order of the Director of Enforcement, Kayode Bello, it was discovered that it gave off thick gaseous emissions which was dangerous to the environment.

Other places also sealed include the Rain of Power and Miracles Ministry Church, Lekki; Christ Apostolic Church, Lekki; Duckland Hotels and Suites, Ikorodu; and Mela Rossa Club, Victoria Island. The religious buildings were accused of placing their speakers outside the building.

LASEPA said the owners of the facilities had been contacted several times in the last one year, adding that they refused to fully comply with LASEPA’s instructions. The doors and gates of the hotel according to the report were chained, and plastered with the LASEPA seal.

Later at a press briefing in Ikeja, LASEPA General Manager, Rasheed Shabi said, “The environment belongs to every one of us. Lagosians need to live in peace. A survey was carried out by an international organisation and it was discovered that 60 per cent of Nigerians have hearing problem.

“LASEPA, in the last two to three years, has been conducting surveys on religious houses, and our findings revealed that 95 per cent of them do not have approval to operate in Lagos.

“Most houses and club houses do not have fiscal planning approval. Before you can build any hotel anywhere in the world, there must be an environmental impact assessment.

“Most of the markets we have in Lagos State; we have people using trucks to sell their products with speakers to disturb the peace of Lagosians. Soon, we will tow as many trucks as possible to get them off the streets.”

Shabi said the owner of the places sealed would sign an undertaking that they would comply with instructions meant to clean up the environment.

“After today, the enforcement unit will go round. Anybody that breaks the seal has violated the Lagos State law. We will then involve the Ministry of Justice,” Shabi added.

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