Last days rush for BVN registration

The rush to beat the bank verification number (BVN) enrollment deadline has been a nightmare for many customers of banks nationwide in Nigeria.
The deadline for the BVN enrollment exercise is June 30, 2015, customers who are yet to enroll have been gripped by fear over insinuations that there bank accounts would be frozen, arbitrarily.
 The insistence on the BVN by bank cashiers before attending to customers had heightened such fears.
The development has led to unusually large turnout of customers at banking halls since the beginning of the week.
Some of the customers arrive at the banks as early as 6am in a bid to secure vantage positions on the BVN enrollment queue before banking operations commence by 8am.
Customers who are not able to enroll or complete their enrollment have to return the next day.
Some customers have been trying to enroll for several days, but have not been able to do so as a result of the massive crowd in the banking halls.
The situation is also posing a major challenge to staff of the banks, who are finding it very difficult to manage the crowds.

It is observed that the late rush for the BVN appeared to have overwhelmed the bank staff making some branch managers announce that their branch would open on Saturday to continue the enrollment.

Customers are urging the Central Bank of Nigeria to extend the deadline as most of them leave their jobs, businesses, as well as studies, to queue up for the BVN registration.

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