Legal practitioner refutes claims of masses lack of confidence in lower courts

A legal practitioner has refuted claims that the masses no longer have confidence in the lower court saying it was a function of constitutional rights.

Barrister Sam Ukoima who rebutted the claims when he spoke with planet news stressed that in any context, there is always a loser and a winner and that the lower court is only a trial court where cases can be taken to the upper courts if one feels aggrieved with the judgment.

On the causes of delay in court cases, Ukoima stressed that poor working environment, attitude of the litigants amongst others are some of the negativities that affects timely dispensation of judgments.

Our correspondent Jane Uwa reports that the legal practitioner called for the complete overhaul and reforms of the judicial system to enable the justice ministry perform its duties effectively and also expedite lingering court cases.

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