Lybia Rescuers Search for migrants in the Mediterranean

Rescuers are searching for hundreds of migrants in the Mediterranean after a boat carrying as many as 600 people capsized off the coast of Libya.

The Irish navy said significant loss of life was feared and Medecins Sans Frontiers confirmed many deaths while Italian coast guard and the United Nations refugee agency say 400 people have been rescued and 25 bodies recovered so far.

More than 2,000 migrants are said to have died in 2015 trying to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe with today’s incident occurring when the packed fishing boat ran into rough weather about 15 miles from the Libya’s coast.

A distress call was picked up in Sicily and one of the first ships on the scene was an Irish navy vessel, but as she launched her boats, the migrants apparently moved to one side of the fishing boat, causing it to capsize.

However, three other ships and three helicopters were reported to have arrived in the area shortly afterwards to help with the rescue.

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