Macedonia’s President Gorge Ivanov calls for boycott of name-change referendum

Macedonia’s President Gorge Ivanov has decried an agreement that would change the country’s name to end a long-standing dispute with Greece, calling on his compatriots to boycott the vote on the deal that takes place on September 30.

The agreement would see Macedonia, which currently bears the official title of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, change its name to the Republic of North Macedonia, taking into account disagreements with its southern neighbour, Greece.

ELSEWHERE – British Prime Minister Theresa May is planning an early general election in November to save her leadership and to prevent the collapse of talks with European leaders over Britain’s exit from the bloc.

The report comes just days after EU leaders rejected the Conservative party leader’s preferred plan for leaving the EU, the so-called Chequers agreement.

Under the plan, the United Kingdom would enter into a free trade area with the European Union, which would have common rules and standards in several major industries, and maintain customs duties regulations but end freedom of movement between EU member states and the UK.

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