Medical expert stresses need to Maximize usage of water as world marks 2017 water day today

As the world marks the 2017 water day today with the theme “why waste water”, people have been advised to drink portable water devoid of impurities and odor as well as and maximizing its usage to avoid wastage.

Doctor Kufre Innocent of the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital who gave the advice when he spoke with planet news said the importance of water cannot be over emphasized as it is a life sustainer. He further enumerated the benefits of water to include aiding of digestion, aid in agriculture and transportation, amongst others.

While stating that people should avoid drinking and using contaminated water to evade the health implications of consuming it, Doctor Kufre noted that any water that is not clear, turbid in nature and tasteful are contaminated water and must be circumvented.

Our correspondent Jane Uwa reports that the medical practitioner who noted that most people in the rural areas are living without a safe water supply close them appealed to the government at all levels to make provision of portable water to the people as part of their responsibilities in order to avoid some diseases attributed to shortage of water and use of contaminated water.

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