President Buhari denounces knowledge of IGP Ibrahim Idris’ absence in Benue state

President Muhammad Buhari has told stakeholders in Makurdi that he did not know that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, flouted his express directive to relocate to Benue State during the crisis in which scores of people were killed.

In the wake of the killings in January, president Buhari had ordered Idris to relocate to the state but the IG only spent one day and left but the President who paid official visit to Benue State, said he did the needful by ordering the IG to relocate to the state but added that he did not know IG did not stay in the state.

He insisted that the relationship between farmers and herdsmen would continue, hence, the need for people of the state to learn to live together peacefully.

Buhari also denounced the insinuations that he abandoned the people of the state in their trying moments, saying, he has friends in the state, and as such, there was no way he can deliberately overlook what is happening in Benue and other parts of the country.

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