Tagbo’s Death: Davido cleared of all allegations of murder

Nigerian pop star, Davido, has been cleared of all allegations of murder or involvement in the mysterious death of his friend Tagbo Umeike, after being entangled in a scandal that almost threatened his career and livelihood.

Davido became a person of interest by the police after rumours began circulating that he was involved in Umeike’s death when Tagbo’s girlfriend and actress, Caroline Danjuma, accused Davido of not being truthful about what transpired the night of Umeike’s death on her social media.

According to the autopsy report, Umeike recently passed after dying from suffocation though it was originally reported that he died of alcohol poisoning after his birthday party at Shisha Lounge in Lekki, Lagos from a fake autopsy report released.

Davido’s legal counsel, Bobo Ajudua, said that Davido was released by the police and was absolved of murder allegations against him, and is free to go about his business as he pleases.

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