A Selfie Stick is an extendable monopod used to take Selfie photographs by individuals, by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm. It helps to hold a phone or camera in place so as to enable one take a wide range of distant photograph. It allows the photographer to be included in the picture taken.
The Concept of Selfie Sticks can be dated far back as 1980s. The concept didn’t take off until Bluetooth-enabled smartphone cameras came into existence in recent years.
The original inventor of the concept was a Japanese man named Hiroshi Ueda, who worked for the Minolta camera company. Ueda was frustrated with the photo skills of passers-by ruining his vacation memories and decided to use his engineering skills to liberate himself.
He ended up creating an “extender stick,” which was a metal, extendable stick with a tripod screw on which he mounted a compact camera with a mirror attached to the front.

Wayne Fromm, a Canadian inventor who’s widely recognized as being the second main inventor of the selfie stick holds the original patents for selfie sticks created for compact cameras and smartphones, and he currently sells selfie sticks through his Quik Pod brand.
Fromm grew tired of asking strangers to take a photo of him and his daughter. He envisioned a retractable monopod that was lightweight, had a ball joint for adjustment, would not spin on its axis, was waterproof and would go through airport security, and then he came up with the ‘Selfie Stick’

Selfie On A Stick offers 3 types of premium selfie sticks:

  • Wired: Plug the wire into the headphone jack of your iOS or Android device and simply “click the stick to take the picture. No Bluetooth or battery required.
  • Bluetooth:  Pair the Stick with your iOS or Android device and simply “click the stick to take the picture
  • Classic: Set your camera timer to take the photo or pair the Bluetooth Camera Remote with your iOS or Android device and press the button on the remote to snap your picture.

    The Selfie Stick has been banned from some Public Venues like Disney Land, Stadiums, Concerts, museums and even from the next Apple conference.

    It has since been criticized for its association with the perceived narcissism and self-absorption of contemporary society, with commentators in 2015 dubbing the tool the “Narcisstick” or “Wand of Narcissus”.

    The Selfie stick was listed in Time magazine’s 25 best inventions of 2014

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