Vector killed it last night at the Hennesy Artistry Hip Hop Concert

It was a night of rap lines, lyrics and swag, as the Hip-hop lovers and crème de la crème of the world of showbiz turned out to experience what has been described by many as ‘a night of sheer musical artistry and excellence’ as the 2015 edition of the Hennessy Artistry continued its unique three-part showcase with the Hennessy Hip-hop Concert, headlined by star singer, Vector.

The rapper has had a prolific 2015, with his single ‘King kong’ forming the bedrock of his success. He has gone further to release ‘8’, ‘Kanawan Dabo’, and more quality music.

The event took place at the Federal Palace Hotel Marquee onFriday September 25, 2015 and kicked off at 6pm with a welcome cocktail.

Guests were served with four unique Hennessy cocktail mixtures out of an open bar –Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Apple and Nigeria’s very own, Hennessy Chapman. The evening proceeded to a lounge set where host Jimmy Akinsola welcomed guests after which rapper Yoye opened the evening with some hard lines.

Coinciding with the Hennessy’s 250 anniversary celebration and staying true to the theme “The art of blending”, guests were thrilled with various performances that showcased the unique fusion of music in the R&B genre from established and upcoming acts on the Nigerian entertainment scene; also re-enforcing the Hennessy drive to “Never stop, never settle”. Sounds of the evening included Milli, Karma, Ozone, D’Truce, Baseone, Magnito, CDQ, Poe, Blackmagic, Show Dem Camp, Loose Kayon, YCee, Falz, Naeto C, Modenine and Vector.

Vector’s performance on the night was pure class, with the rapper digging deep into his arsenal of showmanship to entertain guests. There was rap, there was singing, and there were costumes worn by dancers to create effect.

The zenith of the rapper’s set was the performance of his blazing ‘King kong’ single, which had a huge dose of theatrical smoke and fog for effect, before dancers, clad in haunting masks, and ancient traditional African warrior outfits made their way to the stage to bump the aesthetic value of the performance. The rapper then went on to perform ‘Popular’, and finally, ‘Shiga’.

 A central part of the night was the showcase of the Hennessy Cypher, and also the rap contest from the Hennessy VS Class.

With the success of the Hip-hop concert, the stage has been set for the the Afro Fusion Club Tour featuring Burna Boy, set to hold in October 2015.

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