Ways to improve your car with technology

In today’s world, propelled largely by technology, the latest innovation is only as good as the next thing coming down the line. Latest model cars come fitted with newly innovated technology gadgets that can make driving more pleasurable notwithstanding the traffic congestion in and around major cities in Nigeria like Akwa Ibom, Lagos, Port-Harcourt, and Enugu. Most of these fitted tech gadgets will make it difficult for individuals to spot the difference between home, office and car.

Cars are constantly being upgraded with new technologies, whether it is for safety, entertainment, show of affluence, or convenience and leisure. This is more so with some of the latest car models rolled out in 2015. The beauty of it is that you may not possess or drive any of the latest car models, but you can easily improve your current car function with tech components. Some tech components that will help you upgrade your car, maybe not exactly like the new models, but enhance your driving experience, improve safety and convenience to a certain degree are as follows:
• Mobile phone holder
Some drivers unconsciously develop the habit of looking for their phones or looking at the screen of the phone when a call comes in while driving, instead of concentrating on the steering and wheel. There have been cases of accidents just because a driver bends down to look at his phone or tries to pick a fallen phone. A mobile phone holder, one with a strong suction cup for proper mounting on the window or dashboard of the car and have anti-slip foam edges so as to prevent your phone from falling off will help prevent accidental conditions as stated above.
• In-car Bluetooth device
Today, most new model cars come with Bluetooth hands-free phone support, but if you want to improve functions of your old car, then you might need to get an In-car Bluetooth device. It helps drivers transmit music and phone calls from your phone through the car’s speakers and this actually frees you from having to fiddle with the phone while driving. This, of course, helps you to stay focused at the task of driving. More recent ones actually come with voice command support, further enhancing your in-car experience. A good quality device will allow you pair up to two mobile phones and give you a talk time of more than 12 hours.
• In-car dashboard camera
Some newer cars now come with all sorts of moment-capturing devices which include a camera that ensures every moment is captured while driving. Most of them come with an ultra-wide angle lens and large aperture. This enables you to record the details of your trip. Some even have built-in GPS that does real time tracking of speed, using the 4-quadrant display. If you get on with a built-in G-force sensor, then, it can automatically activate the Emergency Video Recording mode in the unfortunate event of an accident. The Emergency recordings are date and time-stamped and also protected from loop recording overwrites. Most of them will come with a memory card slot. This can actually be a non-intrusive way of monitoring drivers to understand their behavior while on the road.
• Headrest mounted bar tablet holder with tablet
This is basically for the driver’s pleasure, but for the back seat passengers enjoyment. Getting a tablet holder can actually transform the car to an in-car cinema, especially if a good Bluetooth boom speaker is paired alongside. A good holder should be able to rotate 360 degrees with the tilt mounting bracket which means the car passenger can actually change positions and yet be able to watch movies or play games while in the car.

Remember, technology today is not the last that will ever be. Make sure that none of these tools get in your way while driving because it is believed that these tools and gadgets would help make your driving experience more pleasurable and possibly improve your productivity.

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